The Reasons Why I’ve Launched Pacific Well-Being - Pacific Well-Being

The Reasons Why I’ve Launched Pacific Well-Being


I’ve known for some time now that 2020 was going to be a big year for me! I decided a long time ago to become a Professional Counsellor, but I kept it very quiet until the actual launch for several reasons. I had to make sure the timing was right for my business plan, for our other business, Lethologica, and for my daughter’s busy, blossoming acting career. I’ve had my own health wobbles and I had to make sure that I was mentally and physically ready to get into the headspace of guiding other people through their own journeys. And, I’m also an author who has been busily working on a couple of books (which are still ongoing, but I needed to finish a few things before this launch).


Now, the time is right. Here and now.


A Bit of Background

Pacific Well-Being is the perfect culmination of pretty much everything I’ve ever done since high school. The timing is kind of cool, because 2020 marks 25 years since I graduated with my first degree, an Honours BA in Abnormal and Cognitive Psychology with a Minor in Religion and Culture. I had so many experiences during my psych degree that informed who I am today, not the least of which was working concurrently in both an in-patient psychiatric ward and an emergency department at the same hospital.


I went into nursing after psychology and have spent the last 20 plus years caring for patients’ and their families’ physical and mental well-being. My nursing adventures have taken me through the most intimate parts of patients’ and families’ lives, from birth to death and everything in-between. At some point in the near future, I’ll blog about some of the most significant events that have stayed with me throughout and beyond my nursing career and how they inform my practice now as a Counsellor.

The Last 5 Years

But first, for those of you who really-only-sort-of-know-me as bOB’s other half, or as Jen from Lethologica, this news might seem really weird. But it’s not. Lethologica was a necessary and needed development in my life. Working together with my husband to launch a digital marketing business after the death of my Mother got me through some very difficult times. But it was also during this time that the seeds of Pacific Well-Being were sown and grew. Many of my current colleagues have no idea about my psychology and nursing background, but now that you all know, please, feel free to ask. I’m happy to say that Lethologica is still going strong with bOB at the helm and I am still very much involved as the Senior Writer and Editor. I just needed to get back into the caring professions and so, Pacific Well-Being was born!

Contact me now if you have any questions or to Book an Appointment.


The Reasons Why I’ve Launched Pacific Well-Being
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