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End of Life Doula-Specific Questions

I am unique in my services as an End of Life Doula in the Tri-Cities and Vancouver Lower Mainland region for the following reasons:

  1. I was a nurse for over 20 years, so I intimately understand your/your loved one's medical status. I can help demystify the terminology and communicate with your healthcare team on a level that is different than most End of Life Doulas. Please note, however, that when I am with you, I am not working with you as a nurse. My role is strictly as an End of Life Doula.
  2. I am intimately experienced in death from all my years in the hospital. I have participated in withdrawing life-support treatment from my patients. I have been there to support dying individuals and their families when infants, children, and adults of all ages have died, both with expected deaths and traumatic or unexpected deaths. I have also had unexpected, traumatic deaths in my family.
  3. I am also a trained and certified Grief Counsellor who can continue to assist you in a different way after your loved one dies.
  4. I have a philosophy background in addition to nursing and psychology, making my approach extremely well-rounded. Read more about my philosophical background under the Counselling-Specific FAQ.

I have completed the Douglas College program in End of Life Doula care as well as a program in End of Life Global Challenges and Innovations from the University of Glasgow.

Additionally, I have completed two local training courses in Advance Care Planning and Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment - both from the Fraser Health Authority in BC.

These courses and certifications also build on my training and practical work in death and dying as a nurse and in psychology.

Functioning specifically as an End of Life Doula, I offer my services for $50/hour.

I offer packages of hours to allow for continuity of care during your journey, providing up to 12 hours for $400, which results in a reduced rate. Please see more on my End of Life Doula page.

If you are uncertain about how many hours of my time you will need, you can rest assured that if your journey with me, and that of your family's time with me, ends before the 12 hours are used up and you no longer require my services, I do provide pro-rated refunds.

I am able to also offer my services to those in financial need, on a sliding scale, because I believe that no one should be without support in their final days.

If you are inquiring specific about Advance Care Planning, please see my package rates here.

Unfortunately, End of Life Doula services are not covered by extended health plans as of yet. Please feel free to join us in advocating for this coverage with your local government.

First and foremost, I am there to serve you and your family as you need. But there are certain caveats to keep in mind.

I am not working with you as a medical professional and therefore I do not administer medications, do vital signs, or anything else that is the protected role of a nurse, doctor, respiratory therapist, or other licensed healthcare providers. Having been a nurse, I clearly understand what I can and cannot do in my unique role and I will make this clear to you, your family, and your team.

I do not charge for any physical interactions with the decedent after death has occurred. What this means is that if, for example, the family asks me to help wash and reclothe you after your death, this is not part of my paid work but I may do so voluntarily.

My Scope of Practice is clearly established and regulated by the End of Life Doula Association of Canada. I adhere strictly to these regulations and ethics.

While there are several things I can do to facilitate your planning and journey, I can't do it all!

I have a long list of colleagues with whom I work and I can definitely support you in finding and working with someone that meets your needs and fits with your faith, values, and needs. I do not push towards any particular provider. I merely provide a list and can facilitate connections and conversations, depending on how involved you would like me to be.

Counselling-Specific Questions

There are a few things that set me apart, making me the best choice depending on your circumstances.

  1. My 20+ years as a nurse and my applied background in psychology mean that I understand health and illness, depression, stress, and anxiety, whether pertaining to your health or that of a family member, like few other counsellors.
  2. I am intimately experienced in death from my years in the hospital. I have been there with the dying person and their family members on countless occasions. I have also had unexpected, traumatic deaths in my family. I understand loss of every kind - whether it be your partner, your pet, your job, or your routine.
  3. I have a philosophy background in addition to nursing and psychology, making my approach extremely well-rounded.

Read more about my philosophical background elsewhere here in the FAQ.

Read more about my healthcare background on my About page.

I have degrees in both Psychology and Nursing and have therefore spent decades caring for clients’ mental as well as physical health (and I therefore also understand how one impacts the other). I have Certifications in Professional Counselling and Professional Grief and Bereavement Counselling and I have taken several Cognitive Behavioural Therapy classes.

I have also been a nurse researcher and educator, with there being mental wellness components to both positions. I volunteered on a suicide helpline and in an in-patient psychiatric ward, as well as several other opportunities, with the goal of either directly caring for people or bettering care for people. I currently also volunteer with Kids Help Phone and had to undergo additional training to be a Crisis Responder.

Each new client intake session of 50 minutes is a $90 investment.

Each follow-up appointment, for as long as you come to see me, will be an $80 investment per 50-minute session.

***Effective March 12, 2020, because of Coronavirus and the stress of the impact it's having on our every day lives, I have created a special ONLINE session to help with your concerns pertaining to COVID-19.
45-minutes for only $45. This option is available on my Booking page.

I am also currently drafting packages for when we resume in-person sessions so that you can pre-purchase 3 sessions at a time at a reduced rate.

Please note - if you need financial assistance, a sliding scale is available.

Not unless you want to! (Have you watched The Good Place? I would definitely be friends with Chidi, but we don't have to have conversations like he did.)

One of the differentiators that sets me apart from other counsellors is that I have PhD education, during which time I studied the deeper philosophical underpinnings of healthcare, science, evidence, and caring.

What does that mean for my services?

That means that I can relate to you regardless of your background and outlook on life.

What this looks like is that I might ask you different questions to understand your perspective, how you make meaning of your life, and how you understand your experiences.

Can you explain your philosophy to me?

Sure! I am a Moderate Realist Constructivist who practices from a Phenomenological perspective. Easy, right? Seriously though, what it means is that I see things as mostly tangible and real, but what really matters to you is your lived experience and how even the process of us talking together changes each of our lives. We co-create meaning in our lives, and I discuss relationships through that lens.

No, my services will not be covered by extended health. The benefit of going to a private practitioner, however, is that you can often get in to see me faster than waiting to go through an EAP plan.

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