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Legacy Work and Life Review

Explore the meaning in your life.
Share your wisdom, your experience, your life lessons, and your love.

What is Legacy Work and Life Review

We all want to live with purpose and know that our lives had meaning.

Sometimes, it's easier than others to reflect back on what we've accomplished and how we've lived. Other times, we could benefit from having someone draw out our values, meaning, and achievements through questions and conversations. That's where a life review with an End of Life Doula comes in. Working together, I help you uncover your story, for your own purposes, to reflect on your successes and lessons learned, your highest points and your lowest lows (if you choose), to explore what these all meant for you in becoming the person that you are today.

Ideally, we do a life review well before you approach your final days, so we can take our time, talking and sharing, but even in the case of imminent death, there are things we can do to preserve a legacy for your loved ones.

As we proceed, themes and experiences will emerge that you will wish to share with your family, loved ones, and future generations.
That's when the work of creating a legacy comes in.
Create a legacy project for your family and friends to cherish after you've died. There are so many ways we can do this together and it depends only on your preferences and energy level when we take on the task. We work together to present your messages, values, accomplishments, and beliefs in a format of your choosing (though I have plenty of ideas for inspiration). Together, we can explore events in your life that have given you the greatest satisfaction and meaning or reflect on values and traits that you wish to convey to future generations.

You live fully until you die. You have a lot to share; an End of Life Doula can help uncover your story and facilitate this sharing.

Types of Legacy Work

Examples of the types of projects we can create together.

Audio and/or Visual Recordings

Tell your stories in a way that loved ones can continue to see your face or hear your voice after you're gone.

Video Recording or Audio Recording
Written Stories and Letter Writing

Written Stories and/or Letters to Family Members

Convey what's most important, through handwritten letters or stories or dictate them to be printed out. Some people write what they call an "Ethical Will" with values, beliefs, and life lessons to be handed down.

Photobooks and/or Scrapbooks

Technology doesn't replace the tactile; it just gives us a new way to organize and create these legacy items to pass down for generations to come.

Scrapbooks or Photobooks
Memorial Quilt

Memory Scrolls and Quilts

Though I am not a seamstress, I can certainly help you if you have ideas. Memory Quilts can be made from your loved one's clothing or incorporate badges, embroidered sayings, and more. Memory Scrolls are quite unique in that your loved ones can unroll them and show different memories on different days or in different seasons.

Apps for Memorializing

Because of the new technology being created all the time, I can also now help you get set up on an app that can store and document any stories and photos you like. Some provide easy options for printing as well.

Apps for memorializing

Investing in Your Meaning

Below are the packages I have created for legacy work and life review before and/or during your end of life journey.

Please be advised that legacy work can also be found as part of my End of Life Doula Service package found here. The packages below are for if you choose to hire me to facilitate only your legacy work.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that arise while reading this information.


Legacy Work Packages

For when you or your family member would like to create a large scale honouring memento to pass down for generations.

Many of the larger projects listed above will take significant time, such as going through a lifetime of photos or having several sessions in which we write up your history. As such, I have created two packages reflecting an ongoing relationship for us to really get to the heart of your unique experiences and story.

* I recognize that some projects will take longer than others. You may not require my services for the entire number of hours in the package. In our written contract, you will see my sworn guarantee that I will refund a pro-rated amount based on any unused hours when you feel you no longer require my services.

If you have a much shorter project in mind, please contact me and we can discuss the fee.


It's your story; I just help uncover it.

To explore and help you articulate the meaning you have found in your life;

To document and preserve your accomplishments, wishes for the future, and messages for your family.

Let's talk more about legacy work and life review; contact me today to get started.

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