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Your End of Life Journey Expressed Wishes

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Your End of Life Journey Expressed Wishes serve to document and contain your wishes for the larger scope of everything else we can do to minimize your suffering and maximize the quality of your life at the end of your journey. Ideally, we would all have what some consider to be a "good death" without any unnecessary suffering and truly being able to live our lives until the end of life.

For some, that means being surrounded by loved ones. For some, it's quietly listening to Bach in a candlelit room. For others, it's having their puppy on their lap while they look at the ocean.

In the days leading up to your death, whether you are in hospital, hospice, your home, or a family member's home, there are several things that we can do to make your end of life journey as optimally peaceful and uniquely you as possible, keeping in mind the context and regulations of where you are. We want to respect your wishes as much as possible, honour your beliefs, and reflect your values. I can help you reflect on several considerations that you might never have even thought of when imagining your end of life. Below are some of the questions we'd discuss.

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✤ Where would you like to live out your final days (e.g., a hospice, your home, a relative’s home, on a couch or in a bed, near a window)?

✤ What do you want your final days to look and feel like (e.g., music, photos, scents, items of significance from home)?

✤ Who you would (and would not) like to have visit you before you die? You might be surprised by some people's answers.

✤ What spiritual and/or cultural preferences would you like to reflect on and have us honour - during vigil, upon your death, and after?

✤ What sort of Honouring ceremony (and/or Funeral) you would like? And would you like to have a ceremony while you are alive or only once you have died, or both?

✤ What, if any, sort of Legacy/Life Review work you would like to do and how I can assist you with that project?


These are just some of the things that we would discuss in detail, document, and lay out for your loved ones to know. Please connect with me if you'd like to know more about planning your Expressed Wishes.

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